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Present simple.

How does he look?
When does he call?
It's a very complicated language.
Why does she study?
She is a very respectable woman.
He is a very faithful servant.
We don't speak.
Where does she work?
He is a very good man.
They don't mind.

Past Simple.

He did not think so
You won the prize.
He was a traveller.
He left a laptop.
Was it successful?
I asked the guard.
He entered the address.
You watched the movie?
She was a hairdresser.
Was he alive?

Future Simple.

We wont leave without you.
I will not choose between them.
I will walk you through it.
Will you hear them?
I will not argue about it.
I wlll not live without her?
I will translate it for you.
Will you excuse us?
I will help you with it.
It will remind me of you.


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