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Ура ура. 23-уровень на LinguLeo

I pick five numbers.
This solution has two drawbacks.
You have fifty minutes.
We can be there in fifteen minutes.
You can walk there in ten minutes.
I foresee two possibilities.
The colonel wants fifty missons.
We will meet again in eight hours.
A triangle has three angles.
The tanker has six thousand hulls.

Хей-хей, 22-ой уровень на LinguaLeo
Present Simple.

How does it works?
She doesn't anybody.
I know his name.
Where does he work?
She doesn't remember anything.
Where does it lead?
Where does she live?
I like his attitude.
When does he come?
I need your phone.

Past Simple.

The mistress was different.
The Sea was purple.
The assembly was silent.
The weather was magnificent.
Where did i go?
How did it start?
How did you find?
I didn't believe them.
The report was good.
I didn't buy it.

Future Simple.

Will you be serious?
I will sign it for you.
Will you be comfortable?
He won't talk about this.
I will not look at him.
We will ask him about it.
I will ask him about it.
Will you be wise?
Will it be quick?
You will not go after her.

She has seventy thousand pounds.
It's five minutes to four.
I have four coins.
It's ten thousand pounds.
It's five minuts to eight.
It's ten thousand things
It's three minutes to eight.
It's ten minutes to three.
It's six minutes to eight.
It's one hundred frans.

Present simple.

How does he look?
When does he call?
It's a very complicated language.
Why does she study?
She is a very respectable woman.
He is a very faithful servant.
We don't speak.
Where does she work?
He is a very good man.
They don't mind.

Past Simple.

He did not think so
You won the prize.
He was a traveller.
He left a laptop.
Was it successful?
I asked the guard.
He entered the address.
You watched the movie?
She was a hairdresser.
Was he alive?

Future Simple.

We wont leave without you.
I will not choose between them.
I will walk you through it.
Will you hear them?
I will not argue about it.
I wlll not live without her?
I will translate it for you.
Will you excuse us?
I will help you with it.
It will remind me of you.

We will meet you there
He will cath us there
I will send you there
Will it be difficult?
It will not bother me
Will you be available
He won't tell me
I will show you there
I will lead you there
They will not do it

Блин, и этот сертификат первый раз я получил ровно два года назад. :)
Future Simple

How will you reach Paris?
When will she be back?
What will they eat tonight?
I won't buy tickets for you.
I'm sure he will not come to our party next week.
I'm will not answer your silly questions.
I'm very busy. I won't send these postcards tomorrow.
He is a vegetarian. He will not eat meat.
We will not go there again next year. The place is disgusting.
We are going to buy a new house soon.
I'm going to play golf with my friends.
It's going to rain soon.
What are going to do tomorrow?
Is she going to change her pasport?
Is he going to play basketball on Monday?
Shall I bring you a chair?

Present Simple.

She is here as a businesswoman.
Why does it happen?
She doesn't mention it.
She doesn't bilieve you.
Where does he sleep?
She doesn't need him.
She doesn't see you.
He is somewhere in the garden.
She doesn't mean it.
Why does she hesitate?

Past Simple.

I didn't know it.
I left him alont then.
He missed her very much.
She read it right away.
I didn't mean it.
Did you love her?
I didn't encourage him.
Did you send it?
He didn't hear me.
Did you meet them?

Future simple.

It will be summer soon.
I think it will be sunny tomorrow.
I promise i will help you to fix your car.

Past Simple.

Was she mad?
I met him just once.
I didn't have any choice.
Was i drunk?
I did it very quite well.
I called her right away.
I didn't prepare a speech.
I noticed them too late.
Were they okay?
You saw him just now.


Present Simple.

It's a very interseting book.
He is a very practical man.
Where does it end?
Where does he live?
It's a very good cover.
How does she know?
He doesn't deserve it.
Why does it rain?
It is a very common phrase.
Why does she stay?

Past simple.

How does it develop?
Where does he practice?
My voice fades.
Where does it end?
Where does it begin?
His voice darknes.
I like everything.
We love tiramisu.
Why does he hide?
My smile dissolves.


Past simple.

It didn't metter anyway.
Why did he run?
How did you pay?
I noticed them to late.
She read it right away.
She hit him only once.
He regretted it very much.
They led us right there.
When did you come?
They remembered him quite well.

Present Simple.

I play football every day.
I go to work.
Does he play football?
Does she read books every week?
Is it funny?
Is it a joke?
I'm not a student.
She is a purple.

Past Simple.

I was a student last year.
She was a driver last month.
Did he go to school yesterday?
Was i drunk yesterday?
I saw a white rabbit in the garden.
Did you see a white rabbit yesterday?
I played football yesterday.
Did you visited Italy last year?
We knew the answer, so we could solve the riddle.
Did she call him last weekend?
Did they send me a message?
Did i recieve a message in morning?
They sent message, but not to me.
We ate dinner together.
Did you eat dinner?
Ann lost her cell phone two days ago.
Why did you lose?
Did he arrive in Baltimore last night?
Why did he visited us?
When did she visited you?
How did you go to Australia?
How much money did you spend?
How much time did you spend in traffic?
How much did cost the ticket?
He drew his familly. Who did he draw?
Did you phone your mother?
Did she get a gift?
Did he like the toy?
Who did you meet?
Did she read this book?
He didn't come to the party.
We didn't complain.
She didn't bite me.
They didn't do it.
She didn't know him before.
I was in the theatre last night.
Were you in the theatre?
Where were you last night?
She was not late.
We met when I was in Spain.
Was Tom late?
How was the party yesterday?
The test was easy.
Was the book interesting?
The children were at school.
Were the children at school?
When were the children at school?
I was alone when you called.
They were happy.
Why were they happy?
When were they happy?


Ура, закончил курс по Past Simple, и заодно получил 21 уровень на LinguaLeo

Фу блин, сейчас заметил, что на сертификате стоит дата 15 января 2014 г..
Получается первый раз я получил этот сертификат два года назад...
Блин, в этот раз надо точно все курсы закончить.
Past Simple.

He didn't wait for an answer.
Did you buy them?
Did she see you?
The house was empty.
The effect was immediate.
The change was remarkable.
The answer was evasive.
Did he visit you?
I didn't ask for a reason.
She didn't think so.
She didn't come back.
She didn't say much.
Was it amazing?
He said it very softly.
He explained it very slowly.
I called her right away.
He didn't run away.
She didn't look back.
I didn't look back.

Past Simple.

Yesterday I lost my book.
Yesterday I visited my parents.
I talked to Pavel last weekend.
I went to school in Moscow.
I went to work five year ago.
I visited her.
I lived in Czech Republic last october.
I watched TV tonight.
I studied in Moscow in 1996.
I played last weekend.
I tried to make a cake yesterday.
Yesterday I went to the cinema.
I saw her last week.
She left her purse at home.
She came late.
He ate fish in restaurant.
She ate potato.
She made coffee.
They met their friends yesterday.
I went home.
They bought a new flat last year.
She studied Chinese.
I believed in Santa Claus.
She dried her hair and went to bed.
Pedro taught Spanish to American students.

Present Simple.

I live in Moscow.
She lives in Paris.
He eats cabbage every day.
They love a cinema.
I have a blog.
She has a blog.